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linking text with a worksheet value

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i'm trying to link a text field with a worksheet's cell value, is this somehow possible?

thank you all!



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important: need the data to go from the worksheet to the text field.

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This will only work if the text is part of a Symbol.


Create a custom record format with a text field.


Create a block of text and make it a symbol. Edit the Symbol and select the text block. Choose Link Text To Record from the Modify menu. Choose your record and field.


Create a worksheet. Select a row (I alway start at Row 3 in case I want to add headers later) and rich click on the row Header.  Choose Database. From the Edit Criteria dialog box choose Record   "YourRecord"  is Present.  You should end up with the same number of subrows as you have YourText symbol instances.


In any column enter a formula of "=YourRecord.YourField"  If you used spaces in either the Record or Field names, you will need to use single quotes around each name.  Hit Enter. You should now see the text from each symbol instance. Click in the subrow (3.1, 3.2, etc) in the cell that has the data and edit the data. The changed data will show up on the drawing in place of the original text.


Ask again if you need more clarity.  Also check the Help for Link Text to Record, Worksheet Databases, and Records and Fields.


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