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Drawing spiral chair in elevation

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Hi, can someone help me to design a spiral chair in elevation? I can't get my head drawing the attached chair. I have used NURBS curve but not sure if this the right approach. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Screenshot 2019-04-14 at 20.37.55.png

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This may not be the best solution, but it's a start using lofts - sort of a proof of concept.  With some parameters for the chair, it could be refined.

Tip - Second helix can be duplicate of first.  Change parameters in OIP.  Change height by front view>Reshape tool>Drag the top.

Also, once converted to NURBS, the helix vertices can be moved, esp at the top, perhaps drawn together thereby eliminating need for a separate end cap.


I think Sub-D might also work for this, but would like to see an expert show the way.


That looks like a very uncomfortable chair.  I hope to find one in a showroom to give it the sit test!




HelicalChair v2019.vwx

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Thank you @kevin@Kevin Allen, I'll give it a try  and thanks also @@Benson Shaw for the detailed explanation, I quite like the way you do it.  That chair is not the most comfy I would say but it is all about the design! 

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Is that a scale model?

How closely do you need to match it?


Have you considered placing a grid of tape over it and running the 'photos to 3D model' function on the cloud services website?

This may be your fastest/best bet - as it appears as if it not only has a variable and rolling crossection it also has a variable diameter & pitch.


Remember you can always model it in the traditional way using Nurbs & lofts etc, and then Convert to Subdivsion for more plastic control

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For a rendering you can always just use a masked photo as an Image Prop.

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No this is not a scale model. @@bcd - thanks for the message though. I have the measurements for height, width and depth but this is it. It sounds like NURBS and Lofts and converting to Sub-D might be the best approach for an elevation drawing. In fact I wanted to draw it in 2D in elevation first and then use an isometric view with a 45 degree angle afterwards. 

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