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Prolyte PRT is red

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This is a strange problem. Concern only Prolyte Touring Truss. I thing Cross Section is broken. If I change cross section to other manufacture. I have no problem.


I have clean VW. I use blank file for test it. I have all classes on. I use VW SP3 PC Won 10 Pro. 


If I use blank file, calculate dialog box do not show any errors but on pdf raport some Tube workload are red and have no value.

If I use old file where i find this bug, calculate report show errors and raport show Tube workload at 300%


I do not Braceworks expert but Why this problem is only on Prolyte Touring Truss?


Coul you try replicate my proble on yours machine?



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@Rob Books When I am in the office, I will send it, but you can do simple test. 


Create blank file

Add 3xProlyte S36PRF-L305

Add 2xHoist

Calculate should be ok

Select All (Ctrl+A) 

Rotate tool about 15 deg

Calculate should be wrong


I tested it on two different PC and get the same wrong result with S36PRF-L305 only. 

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