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Can anyone help with importing IFC files into vectorworks?...First I imported the IFC file and then converted it in to an Auto Hybrid, then to 2D/3D symbol to give the object the 2D Visual I want. However when doing this process the IFC (BIM) data is hidden?..or disappears from the object..


Is there a way to add the BIM data so it is seen on the 2D/3D symbol?.



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It may also depend what kind of geometry came finally in after import.

Normally Objects come in as a "IFC Object".

Which is just a Container which you can enter or "un-group",

just like a Group, Mesh or an Add Solid,

to look what is really inside.

(and potentially repair or redraw in the worst case)

Often there are Extrudes which are fine but could also be loose 3D Polygons

or wrong Class/Object Attribute Settings and such


I would look into the objects and check them first.

Second, I would skip the "Auto Hybrid,

(never used one of these)

and start to create a Symbol from it directly (*).

I would create 2D representations from there, including

the new Level of Detail Settings (**).


(*) Which may not be enough for you if you make use of Auto Hybrids features

for "cutting" Geometry ?

(**) Which Visibility Settings theoretically could also be part of your problem that

you don't see some of your geometry.

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