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Pop-up Dialog and Valve Node


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I have four Valve nodes managing the output of four List nodes.
Each Valve node is controlled by a Yes No Dialog.
Instead of four Yes No Dialog nodes I would like to have a Pop up Dialog with four choices so I can skip the Yes No Dialogs.

Can this be done ?

Thanks .
Jan Willem Henssen

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  • Marionette Maven

You can customize the Popup List node in the library to contain these choices. In order to do so, you will need to delete the line at the very top that begins with #COMMAND

You can edit the values you want displayed in the 13th line.

The output will be an integer, the outputs start at 0, so if you select the top item in the list, the output will be 0, the second item in list will be 1, and so-forth.

You can then use an Equals node to define your boolean input to the valve nodes.


Let me know if I need to clarify better 🙂

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