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Win 10 Tweaks

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Hi there


A question to anyone running VW on Win 10.


Ive used VW on OSX for the last 8 years and have just had a win PC made for rendering as my long suffering macbook was struggling with renders. So far so good - but struggling a little with the way win 10 looks and feels. Can anyone suggest any win 10 tweaks to make it look better? Ive experimented a little making the font bigger and with the high-contrast settings with some success. Not sure I want to start downloaded OSX skin packs.





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I have no problems with Win10 GUI aesthetics.

More function wise, with the lack of love for details, the need to click

more and care more about the OS. Heavily miss SPACEBAR Preview,

1-click Dictionary and all other macOS-included Apps that work so well.


For the GUI, I just use the same Background Image, or even better just a color

on macOS, Linux and Windows so for me all three look quite similar and familiar.

It is more the functional differences like CTRL vs CMD and such that

makes me realize from time to time that I am in one or other OS.


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12 hours ago, Aspect_Design said:

Nothing for Linux as far as I know 🤔I sit on the bleachers watching the linux world..occasionally checking out a release


I use Spacebar Preview a lot on Mac, just because it is there and works so well.

But most important for me to just check your Render Output or select a Image Textures

is good Icon/Thumbnail view + a good Preview in Finder/Explorer.

That both works fine for me in Apples Finder or very good on Linux - but not with Windows Explorer.

(Without going into details)

So missing Mac Spacebar Preview isn't such an issue under Linux for me.

For a real Preview there is GwenView or similar which does also reasonably work

for a quick look.


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