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SITE MODEL Road/pathway on slope

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Hi Guys,


What you see on attached 3D view is my trial to model following...

I am trying to get much closer to real situation with kind of double T junction road web (solid red line) and at least one pathway to it (dashed red line) from client property side. Pathway can be from either side of road...thats is real situation

1. What would be your way to approach this kind of complex road shape on sloping site?


I am not happy with segmented curve with every segment edge drawn...

2. Is there a way to get away or hide these middle segment edges?


Thanks for all your time to help,


site plan.png

Snímka obrazovky 2019-04-11 o 11.06.06.png

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I finally went with just Texture Beds only and finally tweaking all mesh points

by hand in a 3D Modelling App like Cinema or Modo.

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Hm...I hope i can achieve this within vectorworks itself. 

Though I used to produce visualizations from Cinema some time ago I’ ve made the decision to reduce amount of used software to minimum. VW has definetly won. 

Output from OpenGL is just fine for most of the project I do, however there are lots of areas where VW has to improve. 

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Posted (edited)

The problem for me was that is complicated enough to get the linear slope

flattened a bit. But together with sideways slope it was too much.

Also how my modifications will influence terrain and look at around the borders

of the street objects.

(Like that one darker triangle in your case)

I also moved points or worked with 3D Polylines in VW sometimes,

but Modo is build for such jobs and just much more comfortable to do so.

(Sculpt Tools, (Soft-)Selections, Visibility Control, Axis Control, Move Tool Gizmos,

Vertex Welding, Edge Bevel, Mesh Clean Up, .....)

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Could the road be:

1. a combination of T intersections and straight sections, set apart from each other by 1/2" with grades set as needed

2. drawn using the custom kerb tool


I wish I had time to work on a VW file study of these ideas

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