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Help with sloped slab



this should be simple for someone who knows what they're doing .....  I want a 3D model with a special slope for a standard concrete garage slab.  I can model the slope using a DTM, and the result is shown in the attached image.  Since I can't figure out any way to model a 3D solid to show the slope, how can I generate a solid from the DTM with the correct surface slope ?  (I'm open to any technique.  It doesn't have to use a DTM.  Also .. I understand more recent releases of VW have some slope creating features ... but please answer this for a guy like me who has VW 2015.)       I've tried many ways to save the 3D model and convert it into a generic solid, but I just can't find a way that works.  


PS: in the image, don't be alarmed by the contours ... they are set at 1/8" ... it isn't as steep as it looks.

slab slope diagram 2.jpg

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thanks ... I learned a few tips, but ..... that wasn't what I had in mind.  I'm trying to exactly model a concrete slab that has very slight slopes (for drainage), so the final answer should be a 3D solid shape.  I only mentioned using a DTM because that was the only way I could figure out how to try and model the slab .... although I can't get the final result.   

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I'm using VW 2015.  This is an academic discussion, because I already made the slab in 3D.  However, it was very cumbersome with many steps.  Also, when done, my slab can not be edited.  If you look at the attached image, you'll see my turned down slab (in 'clip cube' view) and notice how the thickness is not uniform, due to the slopes of the surface.  When I used 'screen grab' to make this 2D image, it shows the selection lines, and you can see they indicate the triangles of the different slopes in the surface of the slab.  I figure there must be an easier way to do this using solid modeling instead of the way I did it ... I set elevation 3D loci at corners and elsewhere and drew 3D triangles.  Extruded each individual triangle, then combined them into a solid. Then subtracted the solid from the "unsloped" slab.   This case was simple ... but what if my slab had more complex geometry ?  Also  .... the concrete would not have 'edges' in it between the triangle slopes, as the conc finisher would be pulling his screed to the center point, then sloping toward the end.  

test slab.tiff

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The video from Matt is nice, but doesn't really solve my initial question.  I am convinced there is no way for VW to solve my problem.  If you go back and look at my previous posts, you'll see one that shows a 3D image of slab with turned down edges.  The slab drainage tool that Matt shows in his video does not allow for the slab to have turned down edges nor changes in slab thickness.   In my area, turned down slabs where the edges are thicker, just thick enough to allow the slab to bear below the frost line, are very common.  However, it appears there is no easy way for VW to model this.   My 3D modeling skills are not good enough to easily this type of geometry (or perhaps VW just won't do this easily).


For what it is worth .... I was attempting to draw an entire project (simple garage/shed) entirely in 3D, right down to the bolts).  It appears that a designer simply can't do it .....      I seems to me the closest I could expect is to generate sections/details from my 3D model, but always expect that I'll have to alter or fix the 2D image/section to make it accurate.  In other words ... a perfect 3D model is simply not possible now .....


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Yes, it can be done.  I'm not sure about v.2015, but it certainly can be done in today's version.


Here's a link to the help page:  http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2016/eng/VW2016_Guide/Floors_slabs/Editing_Slab_Geometry.htm


Here's how:

Draw the slab and then draw an extrude along path for the geometry of the turn down footing.

Select both and right click to pull up the context menu.  Select: "Add 3D object to Slab" and voila, the slab is now modified to contain the added geometry.







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thanks .... even though the slab drainage features are not included in VW 2015 your help is appreciated.  HOWEVER ... it still doesn't function as I believe it should ... you correctly pointed out that I could add or subtract solids from the slab and shape it the way i wished, but, when I do that, the slab changes into a "solid addition" and loses the characteristics of a slab object.  Thus .... I still can't shape a slab object in 3D as I would want to do.  If I'm missing something, feel free to let me know.    


Once again ... thanks for the help ... I did learn something.

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