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Working with text boxes causes spinning beach ball delays

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Hello all,


I have just recently (Today as a matter of fact) started to experience issues with text boxes.  Whether I try and insert a new text box, or, just try and click on, and edit, an existing text box, I am getting the annoying "spinning beach ball" (Mac OS).  It usually lasts about 15 seconds or so.  This is a brand new issue.  I was working all morning, and yesterday, and did not experience this crap at all.  Does anyone have any ideas about what this could be?






MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017)

OS 10.14.3

2.9 GHz Intel Core I7

16 GB 2133 MHz LPDR3

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That’s definitely unusual. I would try restarting your computer and trying with VW being the only app running. Other applications, particularly web browsers, can start competing for resources. 


If the problem persists, contact tech support and have them walk you through sending in your log files. 

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I have tried that.  Still experiencing problem.  And even so, I have had MULTIPLE apps open, before, and did not experience this problem.  The only thing I did, recently, that might be related, was that I reset my NVRAM, due to another, non-VWX issue I was having with my MacBook Pro.


I will have to contact tech support.  Thanks for the input.

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I have no solution, but have the same issue, only seems to be when working on a sheet. Hangs for an indefinite amount of time. Has only done it since the latest service pack though....

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just an update; more info... ANYTIME I work have to work with a text box,  I am having the issue. In a design layer, in a sheet, anywhere.  For example, just last night, as I was doing my best to avoid text boxes; just working on drawing in my fixtures, without concerning myself with any notes.  I noticed that, somehow, my usual fixture label legend, was missing its channel field, even tho, the channel hex container was still there.  I went into the label legend manager to try and fix this, and, as soon as I touched a text box, I got the same problem.


I, too, recently updated to the latest service pack, but, I had been working in VWX for several days, without the issue.  So, for me, I don't think it was the service pack.

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What version of Vectorworks are you using? You say latest service pack but of which version?

Did you do any OS updates recently?

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Posted (edited)

I am running 2018 SP4 (Build 435714) (64-bit)


I have not done any OS updates recently.  Certainly not within any recent time period before 4-days ago, when I started having this problem.  Again, I was using VWX regularly in the days prior to the onset of the issue, with no problems.  The ONLY thing I did to the machine, which, I anecdotally recall was right before the start of the text box problem, was to reset the NVRAM.  I did that because my MacBook Pro was experiencing internet connection failure, after waking up from "sleep."  Not always, but, annoyingly too often.  And one of the fixes was the NVRAM reset.  But, to be clear, I am not certain that the text box problem started immediately after the NVRAM reset.  It just seems to be about the same time.


It has been suggested to me, by another, more experienced user, that I do a clean reinstall 2018.  This same user says 2019 is a "sh*tty build", and he reco'd me not to update.

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I am always a late adopter in whatever the new VW release may be; possibly to a fault. I generally wait for 2-3 service pack releases before diving in. To that point I updated to 2019 about a month ago and have found it to be much faster to load, faster on re-draws and generally more stable than 2018. (I am a Mac user as well). The primary annoyance with me is that occasionally executing a simple command can cause app to lag for 20-60 sec. Typically it’s a simple execution such as drawing a straight line or running the dimension tool. It happens on design layers, sheet layers and when annotating viewports. It is VERY annoying. Aside from that, I’ve found 2019 to be a vast improvement over 2018 and very much worth the upgrade. I am a pretty adamant complainer about the yearly upgrade so that is saying something. 

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