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PDF Manipulation?

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Hello -- 


I'm currently working on drawing a special event in an arena. I have a PDF that includes all of the architectural drawings, which have detail pages for the main floor, first bowl of seating, and balcony. 


Is there a way to 'poke a hole' in the PDFs so that I can layer them over the main facility? 



So make the grayed out portion of this page clear, and layer it over...



And then clear out the basketball court and layer it on top of....










Sorry - noobmove... 




OK. Total noobmove, still can't get it. I need to do an 'inverse crop,' which I can't figure out...

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I think I figured out how to do it, but am curious if anyone has a better way. 


Image attached. I sent the balcony seating to the back, then cropped the first bowl, and then cropped the main floor and moved it to the top. So instead of 'poking holes,' you really are cropping. I don't love it, but it works? I'd like to be able to hide the balcony and see everything that was underneath it, but...


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i think it's reasonably easy. crop the PDF, clip a hole in it. I made a movie to show you




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Dude. Thank you so much! This is exactly what I needed. 

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4 hours ago, Steve Jepson said:

Can you Explode a .pdf with Vectorworks into lines, fills, etc... ?

if it has been created as a vector-based pdf. If it a raster-based pdf, then no. 

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