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How do I limit rendering to only objects within viewport crop?

Anthony Reed


Working with VW 2018 SP6.


I have several objects on a design layer (that I need to keep on the same layer for our workflow), and a small cropped hidden line viewport on a sheet layer showing just a small handful of those objects in relation to eachother. With the hidden line options all toggled off and the smoothing angle at 0° (which I believe should make it the lowest quality and least graphics intensive, correct me if I'm wrong), my computer immediately crashes any time I try to update it. There are two section view ports with limited depth and width that do just fine, but the plan view crashes it every time.


On a separate, smaller drawing, I happened to notice that viewports were rendering objects outside the scope of the crop. That makes perfect sense for any of the rendering modes with lighting since those objects might be in reflections or cast relevant shadows, but I fail to see how that helps a Hidden Line rendering. What I think is happening is that the viewport attempts to render the entirety of that large design layer and it's simply too much to handle. What I'd like is the viewport to only render the few objects included in the crop, the same way the section viewports do.


Is this possible? Thanks in advance!!

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Does anyone know anything about this for VW 2023? This still seems to be an issue with Hidden Line and Dashed Hidden Line renders. VW 2023 will at least let you keep trying to work while those renders happen but it still seems like they are doing way more work than they need to for a cropped viewport. This still majorly bogs down my workflow. 

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