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Report Counting.. should be simple!

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I'm trying to do something very simple, one of 2 things either;


items with reports (say model number or size), count how many are in a specific class




rectangles, count the ones with the same height and width on the same class


it sounds very easy and if it was excel i could do it on a flash, but the summary only summarises and the sum, adds together all the numbers, which is no good if there are no number in the field (as it's a text item). Also, if i try and be clever by using say the volume, it adds all the vols together, not count ones with the same vol!


All I want to do, is design a stage set and create a report of the different panels I'm using for the workshop to pull together. I can either add a report to each component and give it a type (in text), or i can break it down to panels with the same height and width. I don'y care really, although grabbing the data directly from the object seems the quickest way and most secure, as there's a chance a record could be incorrectly filled in.


As you can tell, this is frustrating me a little! 😫

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Ok I’m not the worksheet wizard that some others on this forum are however I think if you have “=count” as a database column header then this will be a count of whatever is listed. If you also summarise the class column then the count column will show the count in each class. Similarly summarise the rectangle width or height and the count column will return the number of rectangles with the same height or width. Summarise class AND width then the count column gives the number of rectangles that have the same width and class etc


hope I have answered your question and it was helpful!  

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