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I'm curious whether or not there is tutorial information is available for creating a quantity take-off worksheet for MEP components? (Electrical wire size and length, outlets, switches, light fixtures, etc.) So far, I haven't been able tp find much information on this topic. Any assistance on this would be appreciated.

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On 4/5/2019 at 12:39 PM, michaelk said:

This is done with worksheets.  


Are you using the built in panels, switches, fixtures, etc, or are you rolling your own?

Yes. I'm using VW built in equipment. Maybe I need to rephrase my question. I'm interested in tutorials on using VW MEP. So far I haven't seen much info on this. Is it in K-Base or perhaps a webinar? Either way, if you are familiar point me in the right direction.  Thanks for the reply!  

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Sorry for the delay.  Buried under a mountain of work.


Here's what I've found using the built in electrical  tools.


You have to insert an electrical panel into the drawing (or just having one in your resource manager might be enough - not positive about that) because you need the record format that goes with it.  The circuiting tool then uses that record format.  From there you can use the circuiting tool to assign devices to circuits and circuits to breakers in panels.  Then you can use the Create Panel Schedule command to create a panel schedule that shows what circuit is assigned to what buss, etc.


But that "schedule" isn't connected live to the circuit objects. You have to run the command after making changes.


From there you can use regular worksheet reports to count receptacles, switches, fixtures, junction boxes, etc.


I tend to roll my own electrical symbols for a few reasons.  1.  Nobody is foolish enough to trust a panel schedule I make, so I don't need that functionality.  2. I need to show many different kinds of switches (VOS, Timer, dimmer, 3 way dimmer, jamb switches, etc) and I'm more comfortable using symbols for that.  3. I don't like the way the built in switches, receptacles, and fixtures look in 3d.  I often need to show specific manufacturer and model sconce, pendant, and ceiling mount fixtures in 3D. I use custom symbols for that.


I just attach a record format to every device symbol definition that tracks all the information I need for any device.  Counting is devices is pretty easy then.  Circuiting is just polylines in a circuit class.


I know this really isn't an answer to your question. 🙂.  I don't know of any videos that show how to use the electrical tools.  Maybe @Jim Wilson knows of something.  (He may have made the video himself!)


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Michael, Some of the steps you've outlined I've attempted in VW. My goal was to compare Revit functionality with VW, but once I got in to it I was surprised at the lack of information on VW MEP.  I guess it will be trial and error to create a circuit that populates the panel board, then create the worksheet. Thanks for the info; it's much appreciated.

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I know they are scheduled, however I don't think they have been created yet. There were much older guides for them but I believe they were only ever offered in paper/manual format and weren't multimedia. I know very little of the MEP tools myself.

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