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Multi Floor Buildings

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I am currently using vectorworks to design a tower in 3D. I would like design one or two typical floor-plates that are repeated up the building. Does VW recommend a way of doing this that allows the floors to be constructed from multiple layers that are still editable?

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You can create a Symbol from a complete Floor

and copy instances along all related floors.


But all floors should be exactly the same.

Things like Story Level bound Walls will no more adapt

inside a Symbol.

But this way you can change one Symbol to update all your Floors.

I think you need to activate to count in Symbols for calculations.


Quite Similar would work Design Layer Viewports.



Perhaps it is needed or better to exclude some of such problematic

elements from the Symbol. Like Walls, that you copy for all floors,

as you can replace or move them at once anyway.

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@zoomer I'm curious if one were to use a Symbol for each floor then explode each Symbol on each floor would the Storey then recognize the walls that now were no longer part of a Symbol? If this were the case, then one could copy the Symbols to each floor, then explode each symbol, to use the storey function.


If this works, I'd add a "nested" symbol that would be used and as an outline of each room (say in red) & keep using one floor as a typical floor plan's "parent" symbol until near completion to adjust the rooms as required. 


One could then add the completed floor plan to the room outline symbol & then explode all the floor symbols again to have the storey function populate. Finally delete the red floor outline symbol from the file.

Might work?

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I think the Walls would work with Story Levels again fine after exploding the Symbol.

But then there is also no more change one change all control.

You could easily just copy the whole original Story Layer too ?


Even if you have to exclude all PIOs from the Symbol for several reasons,

I think a a real Symbol could be still useful for Story independent stuff

like Furniture or such things.


And if you really have identical Story Levels,

a Symbol with fixed Wall Heights would work well.

If all Stories change, you can adapt the Walls in a single Symbol.


Also you could easily replace some Appartements with Variations by other



It is just that I don’t know any way to create any kind of Instances that

will keep Story Level intelligence. Which is otherwise very handy.

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The create layer link tool actually worked well for creating floors. I have to got o fundamentals workspace and then it seemed to work.

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8 hours ago, fergus said:

The create layer link tool actually worked well for creating floors. I have to got o fundamentals workspace and then it seemed to work.

Design Layer Viewports are basically an advancement on Layer Links. Offering control of layers and classes and referencing from other files. 


I used to use Layer Links a lot but the big advantage DLVeiwports offers is you can mix and match treatments for different parts of the building and have just a single object. So if you divide each floor into say Core, Shell / Internal and Balconies you still only have one referenced object per floor not 3 or more.


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