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Export dxf profiles for custom tooling

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I'm very new to VW, and I'm trying to solve a simple problem. I created a polyline profile that I would like to use as a fluting detail for a wall panel. This will require making a custom tool (router or shaper bit), which I will need to have fabricated. I would like to send the fabricator a simple 2D DXF that they can plug directly into their CAD software for fabrication. I have already tried exporting several different ways, but I'm not convinced that I'm getting it right, and I'm not finding any resources that speak to this topic.


My question is simple: what steps should I take and what settings should use to ensure the highest fidelity of the part? I want the curves to be represented as true curves, not facets. What I'm having trouble understanding is the extent to which the rendering or smoothing (onscreen visualization of complex curves) are translated into a usable CNC file format.



fluted cabinet detail.vwx

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I think, that the only thing you need to export is the profile (the polyline, which you used to create the extrude). Export the polyline to DXF (Text) file format, version 12.


You might also need to temporary set the Vectorworks 2D conversion resolution to a lower value - I think Low will be OK in your case. 2D conversion resolution setting is taken into account on export and controls the number of vertices of the exported polyline. This option can be found in Tools --> Options --> Vectorworks Preferences --> Edit tab. After export, do not forget to restore the option to its previous value.


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