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Alert Dialog and Attribute Popup


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Hi all


I have two questions about Marionette:
1. Is there a way that only an alert dialog appears when a "true" or "false" arrives the Input from the alert dialog-node?

2. I have made e specific Class-Generator. Is it possible to generate an attribute popup, which allows me to choose the fill color and pen color/thickness in the OIP?

Greetings KroVex



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  • Marionette Maven

For #1, you can use a valve node before the alert dialog to determine if it shows or not.

The only current issue is that nothing past the valve will run if the input is false, even if the network converges somewhere later.


for 2, we don't have any OIP controls like that, so I am going to guess no.

A workaround would be to modify your own popup controls with possible values, but I don't think we can display color at this time, it would have to be text based.

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Hi All


I have e question about to add Tag's to Layer:
I have a Marionette-Network which creates several design layers at once. So the output is a list which ends in the node "Layer with Type". Now, if I use Marissa's Node (Set Tags) to add tags to the layers, then only one layer will be tagged. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


I have tried several ways:






Greeting KroVex


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  • Marionette Maven

Attached is a file with a revision that should work for this use case, I'm sure there's a reason I didn't go this route initially, but I can't recall why.


There's also a chance I had fixed the issue you're experiencing in a more recent node, though I'll have to dig through some files to see what my latest revision was (though I'm sure it's more recent than Nov 2018, as dated in the node you've been using)


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