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some rookie questions on marionette , creating a plug in object from symbol

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I want to create a marionette object out of an existing symbol. For example the symbol should get an x-parameter that moves the symbol in x-axis by this value or is mirrored along two parameter points. How do I tell the network which symbol should be handled ?  Do I have to put the symbol into the wrapper or do I have to put the wrapper into the symbol definition? Or do I have to convert the symbol to a group and handle this group with a special node ?  How do I create such a plug in object ?

All example networks I found do the drawing from scratch, which is "draw a line or rectangle and do with it whatever the nodes say". But what I want is: "Take this symbol or group and do what the nodes say".

I was successful with creating marinoette menu commands which use the [Objs by Crit] - node and does what I want with the object that matches the criteria. But I want to have Objects with marionette parameters in a library that can inserted to my file. ( = Object nodes with "pre-defined drawing" ? )


I fear I'm completely tapping in the dark, and maybe completely misundestand the use of Marionette.... Maybe someone can show me a simple example file with a symbol or group that is somehow controlled by marionette ?

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Hi halfcouple


Thats not so Complex:



2. Right-Click on a Node -> Wrap to Marionette Network* -> Right-Click to the Wrap-Node -> Convert to Object Node* 


(If you give the nodes a name, they will appear in the OIP (e.g. "X_Axis"))
*Or a similar command name (have only the German VW version).


Greetings KroVex


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Ooooooh, seems to be that simple:


Symbol and nodes within the wrapper, wrapper converted to object node .... that's it !


Something has blocked my brains !


Thanks much !

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