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Hello all


Well, this week I found out that I can't generate clear text output from the 2019 software recently installed due to my 6 year old laptop having operating software outdated/incompatible (macOS Sierra 10.12.6). That's ok. At least I found out the problem and will wait till Apple comes out with a new laptop I like. After installing the VW2019 software, being excited to use it - I generated 2019 versions of the current files of current projects I'm involved with. I kept all of the original V2018 files + also left the 2018 VW software on my computer. Fortunately I can continue to alter the 2018 files via the 2018 VW software and generate PDFs crystal-clear. A relatively minor thing that's bothering me is that the icon colour of the 2018 files somehow has remained as black ('2019') - changed to that colour when I installed the 2019 VW software initially - though they work as/with the 2018 VW software. I tried taking a file - going into 'get info' and switching file type from 2019 - colour black (it read 2019 for some reason though worked as 2018 file) to 2018 - colour purple... and the file colour didn't change to purple (stayed black). Any thoughts on how I can change the icon colour back to purple? Aside from the quite insignificant issue of colour preference there is a distinct possibility in future I open a black 2018 file by mistake with 2019 software (did that already after 4 days) + then am not able to open the newly created 2019 file with my 2018 VW software, and by mistake have not a backup of the 2018 file. Thanks in advance for any feedback. No rush.


Thank in advance.

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This should let you reset it, theres a few clicks in a specific order but it does sound like you were already close:

However, if it still doesnt work after that, you may be able to restart your machine and launch Vectorworks 2018 first and it should ask you if you want Vectorworks 2018 to be the default app for .VWX files. That should trigger a change for all of the icons as well. If it doesnt offer that, resetting preferences can sometimes make it ask you again:


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