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Custom Title Block not appearing in import title block tool


I created a custom title block and added it to the Standard Title Block File but it does not show up as an option in the Import Title Block Tool, only the other blocks in that file.

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Edit the Image prop texture and set it to "not cast shadows". That should solve your problem.



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@markdd  Where do you get to that prompt with a 2D symbol?


Attached are two snapshots. The title block as it appears in the Standard Title Block.vwx and a view of it missing when inserting a title block



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Hello @JCW718,


There are 2 types of symbols used by the Title Block that are colored red and black. The black symbols, as the one you have created, are regular symbols and are used with the Import TItle Block Graphics... button in TBB Settings dialog, Title Block Pane. The red symbols, displayed in the first image that you have attached, are style symbols. They could be used from the TBB Tool, OIP, or Use Style popups in the dialogs.


If you want to see your symbol, you will have to look for it in TBB Settings->Import TB Graphics.


Best Regards,

Nikolay Zhelyazkov

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