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Video wall preview in perspective view

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Hey guys,


I was just wondering if this was a thing that happens only in perspective and cannot be fixed. In ortho view the video preview is crisp and clear and in perspective its jumbled with 90% static. 


Is there any way to remedy this so I can render a movie in a normal perspective with the video looking like this? Not a huge deal, but if I can fix it i'd like to.




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That looks like you've got some Z fighting going on. Basically, two faces of the geometry are in the same place and fighting to be the one that's being rendered.


You'll have to find whatever geometry isn't your screens and either move it, or delete it.

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@nickvaphiadis If you can't find any objects nearby, it may be the rear surface of your video panels if they have very little depth. You could try giving them more depth so the rear surface isn't as close to the front surface. Or give them an extrusion of 0 so there is no rear surface.


The further distance you have the camera away from two surfaces Z-fighting, the further apart they need to be from each other to prevent it.


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