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Hoists and Design Layer View Ports

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Hi All,


I have used a DLVP to create some raked trusses.


When I attach hoists to the ref layer the trim height on the low hook of the hoist does not move with the truss in the rake position, however it does not let me attach to the raked view. 


Whats the solution to this? Currently i end up with hoists through trusses in views, and if i change it manually Braceworks throws an error saying the truss does not have a support?



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I don’t use BraceWorks yet but I would suggest that this is probably one of those instances where one cannot expect functionality with all aspects of the VW environment for every end user’s necessary output. I am sure you could affix the hoists to the truss on it’s design layer to achieve weight calculations though the calcs will only be accurate when the truss is flat. I am not aware that BraceWorks calculates loads on angles. If you were to do that, I would class those hoists separately as you would never want to see them in the view port. (Chains hanging at all sorts of odd angles) 


I always add hoists in plan view to account for any rake on the DLVPs. Since I don’t use BraceWorks I do not care about connections. 

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