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Faster referenced DWG import/update


Hi all,


Currently the referenced DWG import/update is waaay too slow. For a 2000sqm building, updating a simple 1MB HVAC reference can take several minutes. Now, if a I get a drawing update package from an engineer, it means a prolonged trip to the coffee maker.


This is not setting-dependant and the drawings are actually quite simple. Any possibility to make the process faster, please?




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Importing DWG files is not that bad actually, but I usually do not reference DWG files. Instead I import them into VW files and then reference the VW files as I've found that to be more stable/reliable in the longer run. Of course this takes a bit more time than directly referencing DWG files but it also has the benefit of additional control over the referenced drawings (i.e. it is easier to hide parts of the DWG drawing that you don't want to show etc.).


That being said, the referencing could be faster.

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I'm rather surprised about we apparently being just about the only ones with DWG import speed issues.


I've tried just about every possible setting and it always takes at least 30 seconds, more often 1-3 minutes for a 0,2-1MB HVAC DWG to import. And to update.


If I  want to update a set of references, it can take up to 15 minutes or even more.


The speed issue is not particular to any project, DWG file source, type etc. - it's a cross-source issue.


I'm starting to wonder if there is a setting we've overlooked if importing is effortless to others.


As to referencing into another VW file, do you keep the DWG's as references or actually import them into the file?


We keep the DWG's referenced since the modus operandi over here is that file names should never change during the project, the engineers send new files with the exact same name as before, the old ones are put into a directory named according to the date they expired. The same goes for our files we send out. The project cloud keeps the old revisions stored automatically.




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