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Referenced viewports and classes vw2019

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I have referenced a floor plan from a plan file into a new elevations file.

Within the new elevations file, I created a viewport around one room of the plan and put that viewport on a sheet in the elevations file.

I want to turn off some of the classes of the viewport. When I click on the viewport, go into Object Info, and turn off some of the classes, they still appear in the viewport.

Help! Referencing is not what it used to be, and I'm lost.

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Be sure this isn't checked in the Viewport Class Properties (from the OIP)

VP Class Visibilities.png

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Hmmm... don't you want to make sure it IS checked? I may be confused...

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Is the reference via a Design Layer Viewport? Here is what I have found:


1.  Place the referenced DVLP on its own layer in the Elevations file.  Classes (and layers) of items in the referenced Plan file are available in the OIP of the DVLP.  These classes & layer controls are NOT available in the Elevation file sheet layer viewports.


2.  If several states of the referenced Plan file are needed, then a unique copy of the DVLP will be needed in the Elevations file - one copy for each status of the DVLP . . . because, #1 above.


3.  Therefore, a workflow would be:

    •  Establish a new layer for each status of the DVLP.  But don't relocate xyz of these various DVLPs.

    • Use the OIP of a DVLP to adjust its class & layer visibilities.

    • Use a separate SLVP for each of those DVLPs. Choose the correct DVLP by making its layer visible (and layers of the other DVLPs invisible).


Probably a more elegant workflow is available. I'm using several referenced files in this way in a current project.




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I've discovered that if I give the referenced layer a DIFFERENT name than original file's layer name, the referenced classes can turn on and off.

The new problem is that not all of the classes from the original file are showing up on the referenced file.

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