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Window edge scrolling - Mac

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So, service Pack 3 has been released and I see that the window extents STILL do not move when a line or cursor comes up to the edge of the drawing window.  This is a MAJOR issue and this should have been resolved by now.  I am running the latest MacOS (Mojave).

Yeah, if you wiggle the cursor just right at just the right place, one MIGHT get the window to scroll along....  Note this is about working within the drawing window, not using scroll bars.

Can someone advise when this will be fixed? 




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This is now working again for me on 2019 SP3 on macOS 10.14, I am able to scroll by dragging to the edge not only in single view but also multiview, both were broken for me in prior releases and I had been able to reproduce it there. Does this happen in all files for you? Does it behave the same when drawing as well as drag/dropping objects?


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Hi Jim,


This is sort of working now but it is far from smooth.  I still have to move the cursor to the window screen edge and stop right before the edge of the window and then proceed past and the window will scroll.  If I just try and draw a line or measure something for example and take my cursor immediately past the edge of the window, the window will not scroll.  Do you experience this as I've described it or is it nice and smooth without having to stop at the window edge and kind of give the window a push with the cursor?  Oh, and it is range exact same when dragging an object.
I feel it is still broken!  

BTW, I just opened v2018 and the scrolling is immediate without any need to pause at window edge.

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Yes, scrolling was MUCH better in 2016.  It is very tedious in 2019, which definitely slows you down when you have to try to hover over just the right spot to get it to scroll.  Can the settings from previous versions not be applied to 2019?  And why did it change?

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