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2019 Open GL Issues

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Open GL is not updating component textures after a change has been made to the texture of a component class.  I set up my model with walls to be rendered by components and I assign a class to all wall components and set them to be rendered by that class so that any wall that has Siding 1, for example, can quickly be changed across the entire model simply by changing the render texture of the class: Siding 1.  2019 is no longer updating the model to show the new texture.  I can force the new texture to be rendered on the model by editing some element of each wall in question, or by editing the Renderworks Texture through the resource manager.  This workaround is time consuming and frustrating.


After two days of troubleshooting with test files including brand new files created solely for the purpose of attempting to isolate the issue, I've been able to determine the conditions that need to exist in order for the issue to appear:


1.  The file needs to have a design layer viewport in it.  In addition to all of the layers representing the various floors in my building, site plan, and 2D details layer, I also have a layer I call Layer Link which contains a design layer viewport showing all of the various layers for my actual building.  I frequently use this Layer Link to preview my model as I'm designing, or to explain elements of the design to clients or builders.  After deleting this design layer viewport, the problem is resolved.  But, this Layer Link is fundamental to the way I work and has never presented a problem before 2019.  Losing this functionality would be unacceptable.


2.  The file needs to contain at least one design layer that has a different scale than the rest of the model.  My site plan is usually at 1"=10', and my details layer is usually at 1 1/2"=1', whereas my actual model is usually at 1/4"=1'.  Oddly, after deleting these other layers so that all layers are the same scale, the issue still persists.


3.  The issue only presents itself in Open GL.  When rendering in Fast Renderworks, the texture updates on the model once a change has been made to the component class.  Working even in Fast Renderworks is unacceptably slow.  Open GL is the only render mode that is fast enough to work in while allowing me to visualize textures, so working in other modes isn't acceptable.


Hopefully this issue can be addressed in the next Service Pack.  Until then, I'll have to go back to using 2018.

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This is still not fixed in SP3.  I can't imagine that I'm the only one who relies on Component Class Textures as a way to globally control and change textures on a 3D model.  This is a huge issue for me, and must be for others as well.  I will have to continue to use VW2018 for all projects until this is fixed.  If anyone from VW is reading this, please have this addressed in SP4 so that I can finally use VW2019.

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