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Showing plant tags and outlines

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I have recently moved from VW 2009 to VW 2019 and have a number of issues!  


First problem - When placing plants on the drawing they now appear by default without tags and without their centre marker. How do I make these active for all plants by default without having to turn on them manually in each instance?


Second problem - for  some plants  the outline will not show up at all. I have tried toggling outline class visibility on and off, and tried editing 2d outline but the still won't show up.


Any advice appreciated

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Roger

I hope you are well.


The tag properties have not been saved within the plant definition since 2013, so I am not surprised you are experiencing some surprises! Instead, they are now what we call a "placement option". So, click the Plant tool, on the toolbar choose your Plant, and then on the Plant Tool Preferences dialog, choose how you want the tags to look, (and the outline and massing options, which will solve your second problem). Then place your plants. The placement options will be whatever is in the Plant Tool Preferences at the time. So, you can have different tags in different drawings, from the same plant "style", should you so desire.


Since you are making such a big jump, you'll probably find these Getting Started Guides useful:



All the best


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@Roger Webster With the advent of "Data Tag Tool" you may want to consider not adding the tags on the Design Layer but instead "Data Tag" in the annotation space on your sheet layers. I have recommended this to all my clients as this eliminates the issues with design layer tags being rotated or even working to coordinate and prevent overlapping tags. I wouldn't be surprised if tags on many items on design layer is removed entirely with the development of the "Data Tag Tool"!


Welcome to exciting future!

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Interesting idea but I can't see how that would work as I need to see the data (plant names) on the drawing as I'm working on it. I avoid overlapping tags by separating the planting into several layers / areas, so that it is more manageable both for me as I build up the design and for the guys on the ground who have to deliver and arrange the plants.  I'm still catching up with all the recent changes but beginning to enjoy it!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You can add Tags at any time, by either:

  • Selecting the plants and choosing the desired tag options on the Object Info palette
  • OR
  • Using the Data Tag tool to apply tags to the Plants (this is my preferred suggestion. If you get into Data Tags, you can tag ANYTHING that has data attached to it.)
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Hi Tamsin

I am working with Landmark 2019. I have not previously used plant tags but now want to master this. How to do I unlink the tag opacity from the plant opacity? Same issue with Landscape Areas. I like to do the final adjustment of opacity on the plan I'm working on, as this is often dependent on my plant selection.  I see that my option to unlink the opacity is greyed out. I would like to have my tags all in black even if the plants and landscape areas are transparent.



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