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Carl Burnett

RGB Festoon

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I'm experiencing problems using SGM LB 100 led balls.

when I make a string of them (52 ball) it takes forever to do anything with them (move, copy etc)

I have tried modifying the symbol to take out everything other than the sphere to retain the lamp properties.

I still have the same issue.

What am I doing wrong?

Is there another way to show a RGB festoon that will work in VW & Vision?


thanks for any help



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I don't think the SGM LB100 has been set up for Vision yet, which limits it.  there are glow spheres in the _generic Vision file, but I think they are much bigger than the LB100. 


Even though the LB100 is set up as simply as we could make it, there is still a lot of geometry and light objects there for the render engines to work on.  You could remove the Light Info Record, change out the Instrument texture for a glow texture if you don't need them to accurately light the scene.  that will cut down on the stress of the rendering.  

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Hi Rob,


thanks for this.

I have only really use Vision as a pre vis for VW, I have added any Vision instruments is that easy to do?


is there and way of putting a mirror ball in vision? i'm guessing I would need to make it emit light rather that reflect  it.


Thanks again for your help.



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adding modes and instruments to Vision is something not for the novice, or even the advanced.  we do that for you in-house.  but are a bit behind in adding some things, like the LB100  you can put in a request for the LB100 on the vision web page, near the top a is request button.  fill out the form, and in the comments section, note that the geometry is in VW.


I have a bug to add a mirror ball, right now there is really no way to do it in Vision.  but with the changes that are being made, we may have it some time soon.



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if you leave the LB100 as a Lighting instrument, in the OIP, change the mode to be one of the generic spheres.  

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If you are not rending the spheres in Vectorworks you don't need to make them into lighting devices.


The best thing to do is to make a symbol out of the sphere and simply place them as symbols.

Be mindful of how you create the sphere and your 3D conversion resolution settings. The performance of various types of 3D geometry for a sphere can be very different.


Once you export into Vision you can select the geometry and set them to be RGB emmsive objects.


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Hi Kevin,


Thank you for that.


How do I do that? I haven't done anything with vision except use it to visualise VW.

I have made a sphere in VW and exported to Vision. I'm trying to do a test run first.


Thanks again for your help


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In Vision it's all done in the Properties Palette.

http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2019/Vision/index.htm#t=2019_Vision%2FVision%2FThe_Properties_Palette.htm&rhsearch= emissive&rhhlterm= emissive&rhsyns=


With the object selected expand the "Emissive" group.

Enter "RGB" for the Fixture Type, and specify a Fixture Candela value as well as Fixture Universe and Channel number.

This will set the object color to be controlled by 3 channels R,G,B.

You just have to select or make a simple 3 channel RGB fixture profile in the console.

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