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Does anyone have time to whip me up a simple 3d version of this? I've bitten off more than I can chew and have people breathing down my neck!


its a 3/4 in pipe bent into a 36" circle with 12' strands of beads. Any thing that represents that would be great even a 12' solid that fits the visual.Thank you in advance to any kind soul who can help me.


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I've done a very similar thing making the strands of beads as an image prop. IMHO, this is mostly then a Photoshop exercise.


It can certainly also be modeled, but the geometry would be considerable 

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Try this.


Hoop is anExtrude Along Path of a 1.005" diameter (OD of 3/4" pipe) around a 36" circle.


Beads are 0.25" Spheres duplicated along a 12' Path on 4" centers.


Sting for the beads is a 0.125" circle extruded along a 12" line.


Beads and String are combined into a single Symbol that is then duplicated around the hoop 36 times.  Hoop and 36 Strings are then made into a symbol.


All objects are set to Use Class Attributes.


Takes about 3 minutes to render in Fast Renderworks on my 2014 MacBook Pro.


Hanging Beads.vwx

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Thank you so very much! it's perfect. Not only does it fit the bill but the explanation makes sense to me. I really appreciate the work and more importantly the lesson.

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