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Offset Door in Jamb

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8 hours ago, cberg said:

Does anyone have a workaround?


If you use a Custom Leaf you can apply an offset in the symbol definition but it will only affect the 3D representation of the Door. You'd need to edit the 2D Component to show the offset in Top/Plan too (+ then the 2D graphics would be 'fixed' + no longer linked to the PIO...). I don't think you can offset the hardware however so to include hardware you'd need to make it part of the leaf symbol then increase the leaf thickness accordingly... 🥴

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Thank you.  @M5d and @Tom W.


Interestingly.  VW2024 now includes an option for gap below leaf, which did not exist in VW2023.  For whatever reason, I can manage Windoor for windows, but I absolutely can't deal with Windoor for doors.  Something about that tool is profoundly counterintuitive at times.  



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14 hours ago, cberg said:

VW2024 now includes an option for gap below leaf


Definitely a great addition! Now I don't need to create an invisible threshold to achieve the same thing... But presumably you wanted to offset the leaf in plan rather than elevation in your original post? Perhaps this is functionality VW should also add. I made a couple of wishes in a similar vein for the Window tool recently:


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