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11.5 and C4D no good

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I upgraded to 11.5 and now my export to C4D doesn't work. The option is grayed out and says "Cinema 4D export US VW 10.qtr" not in directory. There is an rsr file there with the same name so I renamed it. It's not grayed out anymore, but still doesn't work.


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I have the same problem. Contacted Maxon support and recieved the following response today:


Unfortunately, when VectorWorks 11.5 was released, it had broken the

plugin for CINEMA4Ds exporter. Our Development staff is aware of this and

is working on a fix and will have it available as soon as possible. We are

very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you.


MAXON Technical Support

RSR extensions are apparently now changed to QTR, however changing the extension has no effect (although it worked with a plugin from Vector Depot). It's odd that Artlantis has anticipated the change and released an updated exporter for VW 11.5. I've been using this exporter since it was first released about a year ago. NNA seems to only reluctantly acknowledge its existance, referring all questions to Maxon. When it was first announced, NNA & Maxon each claimed that it was available from the other. It's expensive ($95) for upgrade or as a new purchase. Maybe they're trying to protect sales of RW.


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