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Freelance draftsperson wanted for Residential Architecture in the San Francisco Bay Area, California

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Hi Amy,

   Thanks for your reply. For as built model I usually get floor plans with dimensions(sketch format/PDF or CAD file whichever available).Site photo/google map reference. AutoCAD survey files if available.

Please check my website for more details on the services I provide.



Please send me an email at neelambari@cadmitra.com to discuss further.





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As a very long time VW user I would counsel you to pretty much forget about 2d drawings. It is all about a good 3d model of whatever it is you are doing.  Once you have that, as I am sure the other VW Pro's here will attest to, construction docs and working drawings are just a downhill slide to produce. The older way of drawing elevations by hand and sections by hand using 2d tools is a total waste of time......and money.  and we all know time is money  🙂

Anyway, I won't prattle on about this but simply wanted to give you something to think about.

If you wish, and to support my suggestion, perhaps take a look at my webpage , on the right side of the page under the category of "Plans Available For Purchase" and you will glean a good idea of what is possible by not drawing in 2d but rather creating a good 3d model which will enable you to do some nice interior and exterior Renderings of your work, which is usually very necessary in communicating to your Clients exactly what you are designing for them. I am not at all  promoting my residential designs by mentioning this, but rather maybe inspiring you a bit to head over to the 3d side of things  🙂



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