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Another problem with trusses

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@Alex71 Where did you get the spacer symbol?  It looks like it is not setup correctly.  Are you able to send me the file so I can take a look?

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@Alex71Those libraries are an older library and are not setup with the Braceworks Auto connect.  This has been noted as a bug and will be fixed.  I did setup these spacers for you and have attached a new file so that you can use the auto connect function.  The weight is based on the rough documentation that I could find online but you can change it as you please if you find more accurate specs.  Let me know if you have any issues with this spacer, it worked for me in your file.

Fixed Prolyte Spacer.vwx

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@Alex71Each spacer that needs to be fixed will first need to have a truss record attached.  With the truss record attached the spacers know to interact with other pieces of truss when inserted into the document.  When a symbol is first inserted you will have to enter all of the Braceworks data into the appropriate fields.  Things like truss type, length, weight, cross section to use, rotation, gender and connects to type.  Keep in mind that the 3D geometry must also be at Z=0 in order to align properly with the sticks of truss.  


It is helpful to see how a working symbol is setup by inserting one into the document and clicking on "Customize" in the OIP.  This will open the Braceworks data that is used to connect and calculate and you can see how all the fields are populated.  Once you do one or two of them it is pretty simple, nothing too tricky.  For instance if you wanted to setup one of the 20mm spacers for the H40D you would keep all of the same information that the 40mm has but change the length to 20 instead of 40.  This way Braceworks knows that the connection points are 20mm apart for those symbols.  The key part is making sure that the 3D is at Z=0 and the left center of the spacer is at (0,0) and that you use the correct cross section in the Braceworks setup.  I would use the layout for the 40mm spacer I sent you as an example if you need to fix others.

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