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SP3 has broken my default label legend...

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HI all,


    It seems that SP3 has broken my default label legend, and any legend built off duplicating my default one.  I guess I don't know for sure that it's SP3's fault, but this wasn't a problem before I updated.  It's odd that it seems to only be SOME of my legends, not all of them.   I've attached screenshots to show what I mean.  I can delete the default legend and then rebuild it - and it works - but I don't know/remember how to assign it to be the default legend that will be used whenever I drop a light.  when I build the new one, all lights get dropped with "<<none>>" as the legend and then I have to assign one to it...


Has anyone else encountered this or found a fix?



legend in symbol.png

Legen in drawing.png

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@Benjamin Weill I can't reproduce your problem in a simple test file.

You can set the default label legend in the label legend manager.

Place a check-mark in the active column next to the label legend you want to use as your default.

Since you are getting <None> you probably don't have anyone marked.


I have seen some very old files where I have had to do this twice to get the choice to stick. So if it does not work the first time open the dialog and try it again.

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Guest Yordan Kostadinov

This seems to be a problem with the Legend Layout symbol used. The problem might be caused by a 3D locus in the legend definition, or having more than 1 layout symbol. You can try removing everything from the legend symbol, except the text labels, both in 2D and 3D, and then add the Layout symbol from the Label Legend manager.

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