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Vectorworks 2019 has been  freezing for 1 to 5+ minutes at irregular intervals.  The cause is pretty random.  Today I have been tracking between 2 different files I working in. 

- froze while undoing a rotate left

- froze while creating a viewport of a front view

- froze while making a section view (10 minutes ish)

- froze while converting a set of polygons to a group

- froze while rendering an open GL

- froze while trying to scroll an open GL

- froze when zooming in and out on annotations of viewports (during each scroll each other viewport rerendered. 


Whenever it is really bad I restart vectorworks and it functions fine for an hour or so and then triggers again.  My settings are set low quality for rendering and I have been working in wireframe except for when otherwise specified.  One file I'm working in is very large and the other is fairly small however I am freezing in both documents roughly the same amount.  Do people know what settings might cause this or if it is an issue with vectorworks 2019?  

Needless to say I didn't have this issue with 2018 so I'm trying to figure out why this might be happening since it significantly increases amount of time necessary to accomplish tasks.

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Update, service pack seems to have helped in some respects however I did make a new sheet and put together sets of viewports on it.  Shortly afterwords every action in vectorworks took about 3-5 second delay.  Had to restart vectorworks, then worked fine for an hour or so.  Need to do more testing but it appears the issue is still alive.


Edit - continued working, tasks that have also been oddly slow

adding surfaces if over 9000 polygons, under takes like 5 seconds tops, 9000+ took 5 minutes

selecting large numbers of objects

converting copy to polygons takes 1-5 minutes from mesh objects takes like 5 minutes.

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