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Symbols and insertion points thought

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I'm gaining new appreciation for symbols and insertion points...this project used quite a few hinges, among other objects, and I found myself rethinking the orientation of insertion points a number of times, since the objects geometry may be updated in the future.


I feel like it would be useful to have a control in object info to edit/rotate the insertion point of a symbol cleanly, instead of creating new symbols of the same object with a different insertion point(or having to  rotate them in the project and messing them up when geometry changes in future). Maybe this exists and I have yet to discover it... either way, using symbols sped it up immensely and allows for building resource libraries that can be used across future projects, which is pretty handy!

Fuel cell.jpg

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I think he means rotation in 3D space, Kevin.


I agree this could be a bit more user-friendly, Echo, but you can rotate 3D symbols.  The only catch is that they can't be hybrid symbols (with the rare exception of Lighting Instruments in Spotlight, which have special controls for that).


If you go into an orthagonal view - front, top, side, back, whatever - you should be able to use the simple Rotate commands and tools right out of the 2D workspace. Make sense?


What you mention with hinges is what I did with a model of the new Jeep Truck, about six months ago.  The hinges are all identical, but sit at varying orientations.


Cris Dopher

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