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How to minimise things in a Project Sharing file that will restrict editing by others?



I'm working on a project with somebody and we're letting VW dynamically check stuff out rather than checking out whole design layers (because we need to work on the same layers), but we keep having to save, commit and release because various things are connected in some way or another to the parts that the other user is trying to edit. And when your Working File is nearing 1GB in size and you also need to wait for changes to upload to Dropbox this can course long delays in productivity.


Sometimes it will be a wall that the other user doesn't need but it's connected in some way via windows or slabs or something. Sometimes, infuriatingly, it's the Sheet Borders. But lately we've been seeing "Record" coming up in the message that tells you which resources are already checked out by someone else.


Either it's new or I just haven't come across it yet. What could this be and how do we avoid it? There are some Record Formats in the file but they're not associated with any objects in the model we're working on. There are a few special Formats, such as Sheet Border etc.  Perhaps it's these?


Either way, how do we avoid this or minimise the number of things in a Project Sharing file that could be checked out, restricting other users ability to work in the file? @Jim Wilson could we have a list of such objects and/or perhaps some guidance on how to reduce them and avoid this kind of thing?


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I concur. While PS is working better if dynamically checking out objects, there still are illogical and/or hidden connections between objects. Often there is no way around it.


With 2019, the PS problems we mostly face occur with:


1) records - as if changes don't propagate properly

2) worksheets - crashy

3) Sheets. We must be able to check out a sheet and/or make a duplicate without running into permission issues. One thing to check is "the use total number of sheets" setting. However it seems it is not the only reason not be able to check out a sheet.


A PS morning...luckily it got a bit better later (no known reason)




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