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Ungrouping Marionette's default Groups

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Is there a way to prevent or reverse the default groupings that marionette creates from wrapped objects and operations? 


I have a truss object that is the composite of polygons created within separate wrapped networks (and sub-networks) for organisation. At the final stage I would like to include an option to extrude them as a single object, but the ungroup node doesn't appear to work on wrapper groupings or on the nested groupings that result from internal wrappers.    

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Hi Marissa, I'm on a bit of a learning curve here and fell down a few rabbit holes.


I tried to create a simplified example of the problem to post, without the maths and in a single configuration, but the behaviour changed. So after some trial and error I eventually found the wrapped networks were forming into separate groups due to the use of Valves where I wanted part of their outputs stopped. I also tried Filters combined with Delete nodes, but that caused Vectorworks to crash. Anyway, what I've learned, is you need to pass a like object along in place of any parts that are no longer required, then the outputs of the separately wrapped networks can be formed into a single group, I'm using tiny polygon triangles placed at the apex as a solution for the moment. 


For those of us who lack proper programming knowledge, Marionette is an enticing and more intuitive tool, but getting a handle on the various nuances of when and where its similar, but different, nodes can and should be applied, like Valve, Filter and IF nodes, is difficult from the available information. The other thing I'm wondering, after managing to crash Vectorworks quite a bit from poor usage / understanding, is shouldn't the Debug mode also act as a kind of sandbox mode for finding such issues?

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Our debug mode at this time is primarily used to determine what data is flowing through a wire to kind of backtrack where the network went wrong - sort of like assigning breaks in code.

It's hard to determine ahead of time what will cause a crash, but we do our best to add error handling to the default content when we come across it - is it possible for you to send me a network that you encounter(ed) a crash in? I'd like to take a look and see what I can do on my end.


I'm working now on outlining some Marionette help, so I will be sure to add information on best practices as often as I can.

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On 4/1/2019 at 10:48 PM, Marissa Farrell said:

- is it possible for you to send me a network that you encounter(ed) a crash in? I'd like to take a look and see what I can do on my end.


There's a crashing file in a direct message, which I think I've sent, if it's not there I'll try again.  

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