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Site Model Contour editing


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When I enter the site model to edit contours, the contour labels appear, even though they are turned off in the Site Model Settings... Because of the location they obliterate the contour line I'm trying to edit so I cant see it... Is there a way of turning the labels off completely, or do I need to see if the software can be upgraded?..


Contour screenshot.JPG

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Yes when you're inside an editing mode bitmaps and other images don't get rendered.


I'm not sure what would happen if you temporarily pasted the pdf inside the DTM while editing contours.  But it might be worth a try.


Otherwise your best bet is to either trace over the contours or use the render bitmap command to create line work from the image that can be seen in an edit mode.


I caution you to save before you run the command!  And isolate the resulting lines to their own layer so you can delete them easily when you're done.

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Whenever I have tried render bitmap, albeit on pencil drawing grading plans, the lines come in as a lot of spots, not a connected line.  Anyone know of any setting that may help that situation.  If I have to trace hand drawn contours with a sharp pen before importing them, I'm not saving much time, and I would love to have the render bitmap truly work.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Yes.  Render Bitmap is usually unsatisfying.  In my experience it doesn't matter what settings you use, the results are identical.  Sometimes it gets something close enough to be helpful as a guide.  But, as you said, the lines it generates are often so short that they appear as dots.  And there are can be many many thousands of them! :-0  So you will probably want to delete them to speed up the drawing.


There must be some app that will generate useful vectors from a non vector image.  But the render bitmap command isn't it.  

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From what I gathered, most convert profession graphics that are in jpg or other form to better vector graphics.  It seems none could do much for a quick pencil line sketch, although some had some settings that might make those better.  Tracing one last time with a sharp pen takes longer than tracing with a mouse or stylus pen on a Wacom board.

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I am not sure this will work for this situation, but yesterday's VW webinar by Danilo Maffei showed a simple use of stakes and working over an aerial image to develop a site model.

The contours developed were crude and fast and I assume using a smoothing tool and additional stakes may be a good solution to add detail -

I recommend the webinar - it was terrific 

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