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Matthias Ganninger

Creation of temporary objects while tool is active

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we want to display 3D-objects (e.g. extrudes) while one of our tools is activated.


To do that we create the objects during VWTool_EventSink::DoSetUp and remove them during VWTool_EventSink::DoSetDown (we don't add them to the undo system).

However those objects are not immediately visible in the drawing, only their selection geometry is visible.

They become visible as soon as we create another object and create an undo step for that (e.g. in VWTool_EventSink::HandleComplete).

Is there a way to create 'temporary' objects (objects that don't land on the undo stack) which are immediately visible during a tool's DoSetUp?



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The Setup/SetDown events run when the tool is selected and de-selected. You might want to try as part of the GetStatus or UpdatePreview events. You may also need to manually invoke a screen redraw.

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I tried to invoke a screen redraw, but I can't really find out how to do it.

I played around with ISDK::RedrawRect without any effect.


Any hint, how to invoke that redraw?


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We created a small vs script with only one function in it (http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:ReDrawAll) and call this one if we need to redraw the screen. Can be even created "on the fly" from within the code, something like this should work:

TXString script;
script += "import vs;";
script += "vs.ReDrawAll();";

VectorWorks::Scripting::IVectorScriptEnginePtr vsEngine(VectorWorks::Scripting::IID_VectorScriptEngine);
bool outWasCompiledSuccessfully;
Sint32 outLineNumberOfSelectedError;
TXString outErrorText;
if (VCOM_SUCCEEDED(vsEngine->CompileScript(script, false, outWasCompiledSuccessfully, &outLineNumberOfSelectedError, &outErrorText)))
    if (VCOM_SUCCEEDED(vsEngine->ExecuteScript(script)))
        // SUCCESS...


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