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Matthias Ganninger

Class Creation during a tool's DoSetUp (Beta Undo Alert 9)

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I am implementing a tool event sink by inheriting from VWFC::PluginSupport::VWTool_EventSink.


During DoSetUp I want to create a Vectorworks class if it doesn't already exist in the current document.
When trying that many "Beta Undo Alert 9" - warnings are thrown at me (see  attached image).


I tried to create an Undo step around the class creation but that did not help.
What am I missing here? Is there a recommended way of creating a class during DoSetUp without drowning in Beta Undo Alert 9 warnings?



VWSDK - ClassCreation.png

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The general practice would be to do something like:


// Create class newClassName
if (VWClass::IsValidClassName(newClassName)) {
    gSDK->SetUndoMethod( kUndoSwapObjects );
    gSDK->NameUndoEvent("Create default classes");
    VWClass classObjNew(newClassName);
    MCObjectHandle classH = gSDK->InternalIndexToHandle(classObjNew);


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I had this happen as well but was not working in class when it was occurring. Any thoughts?

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You see this alert any time an action changes the document without properly registering with the undo system. It could be your code or it could be from another module. If you are running a debug session, you can pause execution when the alert pops up and try to track it down. 

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