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Ian Graham

ready to make the plunge to Mojave

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Hello All 

Ready to make the plunge to Mac OS Mojave , is it all clear to work with Vectorworks ?  I am running VW 2017 , will upgrade to VW 2019 , then upgrade to Mac OS Mojave.

I am gun shy ,as I didi this when it came out and it was a nightmare , reinstalling previous OS system.


So, do I get an Amen on making the leap ?




Ian Graham



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If you are not forced to update (e.g. new Mac or macOS too old for VW 2019), then you should probably stay with your current macOS version, especially if it has not worked well for you previously.

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I've been keeping a close eye on things and macOS 10.14.3 + Vectorworks 2019 SP3 is when I'll be flicking the switch in our office.

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Beside that I don't see any important features to upgrade macOS

since El Capitan or so at all, I run Mojave from the beginning.

And my Mojave problems with VW aren't still that serious.


As I now also run VW on Windows, I see Mojave less a problem

than VW 2019 itself.

I think it is about time for a SP3.

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On 3/13/2019 at 5:52 PM, Jim Wilson said:

I personally recommend waiting until 2019 SP3 if you haven't updated already. I am still getting reports of the last Mojave issues with SOME people on 10.14 and 2019 SP2 but not all. SP3 should be out very, very soon.

usually new releases are shared on tuesdays ,-)

very very soon means tomorrow???




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