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Steve Clarkson

Trouble Texturing Cor-plast

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Wondering if anyone has any experience creating a realistic cor-plast texture?  

I need to be able to pass colour from being lit from behind, so it needs to pass light but still be opaque.

Sure I can just create a glow with the colour I need, but I'd really like it to be real-world accurate with the backlighting.

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I THINK I cover very close to that in this video:


You would use Backlit for the transparency I think and then using the corrugated plastic texture for the image shader would get that patterned translucent effect.

EDIT: I think Stephan Mönninghoff explains controlling it further in the second half of this video:


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So I tried various things, and got this to work great in OpenGL with very basic settings:




But in Realistic Interior RW I get this:



I can't seem to find any way to get the GL look in the RW.


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I often see Open GL previews where the lighting looks better than what you actually get in Renderworks. It frustrates me a bit. Have you checked your ambient light level?  It’s under the “view” menu “set light options”. 


If what you are are looking for is presentation renderings then I would highly recommend not trying to light a semi-transparent object. It can be done, but you will spend forever trying to make it look right by adjusting light levels, texture transparency, light placement, beam spread, etc. The end result, if you can in fact achieve what you want, will be a huge resource hog on your renders. On the other hand, a picture of what you want will appear correct and will render effortlessly. 


Something to consider. 


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