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Do I need to upgrade graphics card? If so what would be acceptable?

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To be honest, I'd stick with the 27" iMac listed in your signature if that is possible.


The HP you mention is from 2013 and therefore 4 years older tech than your iMac and looking at the specs the processor is quitea bit weaker as well and the pc is using an integrated graphics chip and not a dedicated graphics card so for decent performance you would have to get a dedicated graphics card (probably second hand depending on available connections). The older 4th gen Intel i5 cleary beats the AMD in this computer for single core performance http://cpuboss.com/cpus/Intel-Core-i5-4460-vs-AMD-A8-5500 which will impact the usability of VW.


Your iMac may have a 7th gen i5 (just a guess) and if so then this link should give you an idea how it compares with the HP



Unless it is in addition to your iMac and basically for free and you want a Windows computer for running some Windows programs and/or occasional VW Landmark use, then it would be ok(ish) for light VW use. Otherwise I'd politely decline the offer.

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