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Slab Style Worksheet



Working on building a worksheet where clients and users will see the composition of the slab styles that will be used in Hardscapes. I've managed to create in the attached just such a thing but have run into a little difficulty. When using a function to get the thickness of a component it is adding all of the components regardless of which slab they are a part. The attached file has our slabs and the worksheet with the cells in question.


My vulnerability is Worksheets and I'm learning more every day but I really could use some help on this one. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated! Have a great weekend!

Slab Styles.vwx

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That function is adding up all the instances of the component called Stone Screening in all slabs.  The criteria is just PON='Slab'.  So it's doing its job.  It is returning the total thickness of Stone Screening in all slab objects.


The problem is the name Stone Screening is used as the component name in two different slabs.  The function COMPTHICKNESSBYNAME(criteria,component name string) either needs a criteria that can differentiate between the two different slabs - like class or slab type - or the component names have to be different.


I'll attach one example that uses slab type as a criteria and another that uses different criteria names in the slab styles.





Slab Styles~.vwx

Slab Styles~~.vwx

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@michaelk is there a way to list all separate components of particular style (wall, slab...) into individual worksheet rows...What would you use to achieve this? Using COMPONENTNAME function...?

I see that in rowbear's worskheet only first component is set by criteria, but others are typed in manually...IF I read it correctly.

I am new to working with worksheet so i'll greatly appreciated any advice.


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1. Worksheets can only display information about objects that are actually in the drawing, so you will only get information on walls/slabs that have been placed in the drawing, not the styles that show in the Resource Browser. And this is best case.


2. It appears that you can reference all of the component information based on the relative position of the component in an object, so if you don't mind having extra blank columns and don't mind manually create columns for a guesstimated maximum number of components you should be able to get what you want. At least for Walls. Completely untested for slabs.


Create Report - > Object is Wall.













Lather, Rinse, Repeat.


If you then Summarize based on the Wall Style Name you will only get a single row showing the data about each component of that style.


I don't know a way to reasonably get this into a vertical format rather than a horizontal format.


Ask again if not clear enough.

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