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A Marionette Challenge

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Hi Marionette folks;


I'm getting into Marionette, among other reasons, to be able to to tackle complex forms like the one shown below.

The first image below shows a bit how I created the final shape, doing it the old fashioned way, starting out in 2D laying the form out in progressive shapes adapting them to the spine contour. I was thinking of the way a plane wing or fuselage is ribbed out. The configured ribs are stacked front to back and center aligned, then multiple extruded to the overall length of the spine-contour. Then I duplicated and flipped the extrusion and trimmed it.


I'm thinking about the various commands and dimensions that I used to get this result, and after experimenting with the simple exercises I've found here on the site, I am beginning to see a little how this might be produced with a Marionette network. But I must say, when I see the network required to produce a 3 drawer file cabinet with casters, my mind is blown.


I'd be highly motivated to see how others have attempted complex shapes like this one with Marionette.


Thanks, in advance!





1 MultipleExtrude1.jpg

2 Core Form.jpg

3 Final Product How Marionette?.jpg

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