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Create Mitre on Polygon

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Is it possible to change the Angle of one or more sides of a 2D Rectangular Polygon.
I'm trying to create a Mitre ( 45º).
Steps :  1- Network creates a rectangle ( 20x600mm). 2-- Change it into a Polygon. 3-- Create a Mitre on the small side ( 20mm).
Appreciate idea's.

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I'll try to mock something up quickly with the default content nodes, but I think Marionette would benefit from a Trapezoid node - I'll work on creating that as well.

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Marissa, thank you.
I think a Trapezoid Node would do the trick.

I was experimenting with the Boolean Node and also with the various Vertex Nodes. But no results.
Best regards, Jan Willem Henssen

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Here's the beginning of my trapezoid node - there is no error handling in this version, so you may end up with results you don't want if your dimensions aren't reasonable.


My later improvements list:

  • Allow orientation defined in the node
  • Allow an origin point
  • Allow user to flip which side is shorter
  • Allow user to define an angle for the trapezoid


Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 11.29.31 AM.png

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Yes, this is great, thanks a lot.
I'm looking forward to the improvements. The first two on your "list" are (in my case) the most important ones. I'm now playing with the rotation tool (after I Extrude the 2D Trapezoid) to get it the way I want.

Best regards

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