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Creating a new size option for an existing tool

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Hey all,


I have been working through on how to add a new drop-down choice for size on the 3d Square Tubing tool. Is it possible to have a new selection without having to enter a custom size each time? I know I could opt-drag from my previous creations, but I would like to learn how to create new parameters for my tools and I may be close, but there seems to be something I missing or it just isn't possible.


Thank you!

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The data for the tubing sizes is taken from a text file. You should be able to edit that file to add the sizes you want (and to delete sizes you don't want if you are very brave).


Applications:Vectorworks 2019:Plug-Ins:Common:Data:SquareTubing-Inch.txt (or SquareTubing-Metric.txt)


Take a look at a size you know to try and figure out what the columns are and enter appropriate values for your size. It looks to me like the first block of data is the description; second is the X dim; this is Y dim; fourth is X Wall thickness; fifth is Y Wall Thickness, but I don't have time to test.


I would also expect that where you put it in the list will determine the order it will display in the pop down menu.


Make a back up copy of the text file before you start mucking around so you won't end up having to do a complete reinstall of VW if you mess it up.


You might also try putting a copy of the text file (edited) into your user folder in the same Plug-Ins:Common:Data path. This would be a more secure location if it works as a reinstall of VW won't overwrite your changes. If this does not work, make sure you make a backup after you edit the file also so you can just replace the file rather than having to re-edit the file when you reinstall VW or upgrade the next time.


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