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confounded dongle

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another gripe to add to my list of problems with the dongles:

using my laptop, when it awakes from its sleep, Vectorworks claims there is no valid dongle installed and closes. This happens almost everytime and is extremely annoying.

I've heard there is a non-dongle version of VW. Anyone having this same problem or know anything about the non-dongle version.

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If it's VW10 on PC yes it's a known problem to NNA who don't have a VW10 fix but assure me it has been fixed in VW 11 so their answer is to either upgrade or do not use the sleep option, changing your settings so this never kicks in.

Not happy but as all development has moved to VW11 its the plain unhappy truth.

The implemention of dongles is governed not by NNA but by the country specific or region specific distributors. America does not have them.

Further reading if your interested http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=23;t=000132


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mike m oz, we've lost a dongle already on site in France. It cost us approx ?120 to replace and took over ten days to deliver after ordering it from the UK distibuters. This meant from the two Vectorworks installations we have, only once could be used. In a small practice such as ours, this was crippling and could easily have sent us under. Ten days of lost production effectively.

alanmac, I'm using VW11.5 and it is still a problem. Get rid of the dongle is the only solution I can think of. It really is putting us off the product, which is a shame for NNA as we are a growing practice and will soon be looking to purchase an additional liscences. We're already looking at competitors purely for this reason.

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alanmac, just read the thread you'd linked me to. My god, if these are the problems we can experience with the dongles, in addition to the headaches we've already experienced, I'm ready to drop VW. There must be another solution to the security question. Have NNA signed some long term agreement with Aladin? If we get more problems, we certainly don't want to be passed between NNA and Aladin for advice.

One day without one CAD licence working costs us hundreds of pounds.

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It's a sad truth that those intent on using illegal software will do so. I'm sure cracked and illegal copies of virtually every software program is available.

Its like locks and alarms on cars. If somebody is intent on stealing it, they will. Its a deterrent rather than a solution.

But what's the use in having a lock on your front door to stop thieves if you can't get into the house yourself when you want to!!

The dongle is one "deterrent", the problem seems to be that whilst it goes someway to the stopping any widespread illegal usage its implementaion when not working correctly hurts the ones who are the legitemate users of the software such as you and I. It also, as you indicate, hurts NNA because you will simply cut your losses and use another program.

The fact that NNA refers people to Aladdin does them no credit. The drivers should be easily available on the NNA site or at the very least, a link to it

You will see in the thread I had a conversation with somebody from Aladdin who told me it was how Vectorworks used the dongle that was at fault. This was denied by Katie at NNA. I'm not interested in blaming anybody, I really don't care who's fault it is that this occurs, just make sure its cured.

I thought it had been cured, but your statement saying you are using VW11 has got me thinking otherwise.

It has been the subject of many a heated debate by users finding their copies subject to this requirement from the start, but it seems no amount of discontent from the users effects NNA's reliance on this form of security measure or desire to find an alternative.

Other companies seem to be able to implement other solutions and I for one welcome the day when an alternative is found and used.

I use Cinema, and that issues a temporary license number in the box with the software which lasts about three months. Once you go beyond this it won't work. The "full" license number is issued after registration of the software and is tied to that copy. You even have to quote it for additional modules or plug ins. Why can't this be the same for VW ?

All the best


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gjefcoate - my computer doesn't even have to be in sleep mode fot it to decide that there is no valid dongle installed and for VW to close itself down. This happens anything from 2-5 times a day.

Jacques - a USB hub helps in the office, but the whole point of a laptop is to be mobile. This is where having a dongle is a pain. You have to constantly insert and remove it with the continual nagging uncertainty of either losing or damaging the thing.

There has to be abetter way.

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Be careful what you wish for...

I am a VW Dongle user. I am also a user of another significant software product with security through machine key -- send the company a software provided machine key and an unlock key is provided in return.

I am a single user but have gone through 2 computer upgrades, one HD failure and replacement, one motherboard failure and replacement and a couple virus/spyware attacks that required a full and clean OS reinstall. Each of these times a new unlock key has been needed. The company got a bit sniffy about providing me with additional unlock codes in a timely manner(probably thinking I was spreading the program around) and I finally got my fill of dealing with them. I found a code generating crack on the internet and now if I have a problem I can fix the whole problem myself. It sucks to have to go around their security just to be able to use my program in a legal manner.

In comparison, I have been so happy with my Dongle...can take it with me for my laptop or whatever else I want to do.

There is no perfect answer.


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That sounds like Cumulus. We had the whole problem with hardware replacements too. That is absolutely not the solution.

You do know that it is perfectly legal for you to go on holiday to the US and buy yourself a dongleless VectorWorks version there? The problem is ofcourse the upgrades. (And now with 11.5 even the update) but it is legal as long as you do it only for yourself.

as I added to dongle madness: The dongle is not the solution. The dongle was introduced to protect the interest of the tranlators of VW. I believe they had a point. The dongle is still the wrong answer, and surely for the English version.



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