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Photogrammetry - who's doing it?

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Tried feeding the same set of photos into the demo version of Metashape. This was just following the default workflow and accepting all the default settings (of which, there are many more to fiddle with than in Photocatch).


The demo version doesn't allow export of models so wasn't able to bring it into VW for direct capture, however this is what it gave me.


Interestingly, like the first attempt with Photocatch it seems to have made a decision to focus only on one portion of the site. I did get some kind of error message at some point in the process asking me to do something about unmatched photos, but I dismissed it and carried on. Probably with greater understanding of the software, much better results could be obtained. But at first sight, the "default" output it's given me is not obviously better than what I got out of photocatch. It seems to have more gaps and contains one very obviously completely wrong section, where a wall has become entirely detached from the building and is floating in fresh air.



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