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Parametric Constraint problems??????

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I am trying to use the parametric constraints to locate a hole relative to a corner on a rectangle, souds very straight forward and you would not expect a problem. Here's the problem...I locate the hole inside the square an d position it relative to one corner, lower left. I then use the Vertical Distance constraint to keep the hole in position when I resize the square. Now the rub.......If I make the square larger the constraint works and the hole is located correctly. If I make the square smaller to a given point the hole and the constraint move to the outside of the part. I can then flip flop the hole from inside to outside the square by using the OIP to enlarge / reduce the square.

This type of behavior on a constraint does me no good whatsoever. It actually scares me.

Anyone had any experience with this or is this another VW bug??


Tom in PA

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Yep........that's exactly what is happening. If you re-size with a value anymore than the constraint value it goes wacko. I don't have time to re-size a part 6" in 1/4" increments. I might as well just redraw it, which is what I have been doing. Just not very productive.

If this is a bug, why am I the only one complaining about it?? I did a search and found no problems I am having. Since I am the lone wolf out there, what are the chances in getting it fixed to be useful??

Thanks and Regards,

Tom in PA

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